Friedrich Feigl, Prague Pageant, before 1944

GAVU – Opus magnum

29. 9.– 30. 12. 2022

Curated by Marcel Fišer

Friedrich Feigl (1884–1995), born into a Prague Jewish family, ranks to the best known German-speaking artists ever active on the territory of, what is today, the Czech Republic. He made his mark in art history primarily as a member of the avant-garde expressionist group, Osma, in the first decade of the 20th century. The painting, created in London in exile, is now presented in Cheb alongside an exhibition dedicated to artistic reflection on football. A clipping from the Daily Telegraph, pasted on its reverse and relating to the artist’s exhibition held in 1944 to celebrate his 60th birthday, carries interesting details about its subject. Feigl intended the work, with the motif of Hradschin and Charles Bridge, as a political manifesto. Its subject is “... a festal scene – Czechs in national dress celebrating the liberation of tomorrow.” According to the next paragraph of the clipping, in England the artist met “the surviving members of an Oxford University team which at the turn of the century went to Prague to play soccer against a Czech team to which he belonged.” This was undoubtedly the legendary double-header with Slavia Praha and DFC Prag of 28 and 29 March 1899, which occupies an absolutely unique position in the history of Slavia and Czech football! 

Friedrich Feigl, Prague Pageant, before 1944 -


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