Pavel Büchler, Signs of Life

GAVU – Large Gallery

11. 4.–16. 6. 2024

Curator Ondřej Chrobák


Pavel Büchler’s artistic career is asymmetrically divided between the former Czechoslovakia and Great Britain, where he emigrated in early 1981. Before his exile, he developed a body of work formally related to conceptual art and land art, but also to the medium of the ‘artist’s book’, which was influenced by his studies in typography. In the 1980s, photography initially occupied a central position in his work. Over the following period, he continued his own line of conceptual work with text. In his miniature objects and large-scale installations, he confronts seemingly disparate elements that nevertheless exhibit certain contextual connections. Gradually, he managed to establish himself in an international context and began to teach at academies and universities in Glasgow and Manchester. In recent decades, his work has become part of major collections, including that of the Tate Gallery in Britain and the Van Abbemuseum in the Netherlands. The current retrospective, for which the Moravian Gallery in Brno and GAVU Cheb have joined forces, demonstrates the full spectrum of Büchler’s artistic strategies in a representative selection.

Pavel Büchler, Signs of Life -


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